Get Organized! The Top 5 Mobile Apps in 2010

Mobile devices like Smart Phones and PDA’s are exploding in popularity. With this popularity comes millions of apps for every device in varying categories like social networking, games, entertainment and travel, to name a few. Currently the top 5 mobile apps throughout all categories are listed below.1. Quickoffice.You can bring the productivity of the classic Microsoft Office suite to your phone. It can open and edit Word and Excel files. It also includes an extensive file viewer that works with PDF files and most image types. The ability to cleanly view PDFs would make a solid app on its own. Combined with its word processing and spreadsheet capabilities, Quickoffice easily makes the list.2. Franklin Planner.The physical Franklin Planner binder is a commonly considered a business essential and the industry standard planning system. In the late 90s, it was released for Palm OS, making it one of the oldest and best established mobile apps. It is now available for multiple platforms. For both business and personal planning needs, Franklin Planner remains the gold standard of planners both offline and for smartphones.3. eBuddy Mobile Messenger.This program provides an impressive level of connectivity. AOL Instant Messenger, Facebook, Gtalk, ICQ, MSN, MySpace, and Yahoo are all available through this small, gorgeous app. Not only can you chat while on the go, you are able to connect to all of your networks at once within a single program. That is enough to make it feel like this mobile app is more powerful than desktop applications! They have a web version for those who need their multi-network chat fix at their home computer.4. Google Mobile.This suite is a great example of why Google dominates the online marketplace. Google Mobile puts Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube in your pocket. With three essential web services direct to your phone, Google shows that they understand what their consumers demand. Be careful with the YouTube usage unless you have an unlimited data plan. Video bandwidth can quickly eat through a limited usage allowance.5. Opera Mini.With all of the other app choices, it is easy to overlook basics like web browsing. Every Smart Phone owner should use Opera Mini. It is a compact, well-coded browser that runs quickly and puts all of the current default browsers to shame. It compresses all the pages through Opera’s dedicated servers. This is great for websites that do not have a mobile version or that you want to see in full version. You see the page as other visitors would. The compression is very efficient and can help you save big on data usage. Opera Mini is the hands down king of mobile apps.

Educate Women – Educate A Whole Generation

Education today is not the privilege of the few, but on the contrary it is mandatory for people one and all. Educational equality is the new slogan of the government. How far this slogan is being brought into action is the question asked by many. Today women are not just restricted to household work and cooking for her family, today, it’s all about empowerment of women.A woman is the flag bearer of a society. It is she who gives birth to the future of the world. She is responsible for rearing her children and giving them an opportunity to grow up in a healthy and positive environment. In order for her to this, the most important thing she needs is education. A mother is the child’s first teacher. Without her being educated how will she educate her children?Not only this, it is necessary to educate women so that they can provide a safe and healthy life to herself as well as her child. It is important to educate her so that she can take an active part in supporting the economy of the world.Benefits Of Educating A Woman:1.Decrease the mortality rate of women and children: females who are educated are more aware of health and hygiene. They are more likely to go for proper medical treatments and precautions to avoid disease and infections. This will improve the immunity of mother and child and decrease the mortality rates to a great extent.2.Reduction In Population: educated women are more likely to take birth control measures like pills, abortion, etc. they are more aware of family planning, safe pregnancy, and late motherhood. This will help in reduction of female fertility rates.3.Protection Against HIV and AIDS: literate women are less likely to be affected with this dangerous disease. They are aware of safe sex practices and use of condoms, which can help them avoid HIV and AIDS.4.Adding To The World Economy: women who are educated can participate in increasing the economy rate of the world and improving the financial conditions.Thus, it is very important to educate a girl because when we educate a girl, we are educating a whole new generation to come. For details refer education guide.